Solar Delhi is a environmentally beneficial and socially responsible initiative to convert rooftops in Delhi into productive solar power roofs. Bluearth Energy has been empanelled by the nodal agency of Delhi government to provide central government subsidy and State Government Feed in Tariff to residential and institutional customers in Delhi

How Much does the end consumer pay

The end consumer pays Rs3.15/KWh for the electricity in the first year. the tariff increases by 3% every year in April for the next 25 years 

Who is Eligible

The program is open to residential and non-profit institutional consumers of electricity in Delhi. Profit making organizations and private Limited Companies are not eligible for the subsidy from the government

How does the program work

Now you can go solar in 3 easy steps

  1. SIte Survey : Trained technician visits your location to calculate the solar potential of your building. Surveyor provides a report highlighting solar potential and savings for your institution
  2. Documentation For Approval from lender and regulator: Provide the documents required by the project lender and regulator to determine the project feasibility and the quantum of investment approved for your institution. Get your offer letter and Purchase agreement within 15 days. Bluearth takes NOC from electricity company to ensure that you don’t face any hassle later
  3. Construction & Net Metering : Power Plant is constructed on your rooftop. The power plant is approved by a government authorised engineer after which net metering agreement is finalised between the consumer and the electricity company

Investment Required from the customer

The initiative envisages an investment of upto 20% from the end customer. The actual value depends on your credit profile and history. We will give you an offer after the site survey and document submisison

The proposed duration of the agremeent is 25 years after which the solar asset is transferred to the electricity consumer

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