How much electricity does India need?

How much electricity does India need?

India had an installed electricity generation capacity of 356 GW with a per capita consumption of 1149KWh in 2017-18. Three factors must be taken into account when we plan the electrical infrastructure of the future

  1. The average per capita consumption of electricity in USA is upwards of 10000KWh while China consumes 4475KWh/person/year. India’s 1149KWh/person/year is relatively small compared to other developed countries and we can argue that this number will grow substantially over the next 20 years 
  2. India’s population continues to grow and is likely to stabilise only around 2060. Hence any planning for future must be done for 150 Crore people
  3. Technology changes are making different equipments consume less electricity. On the other hand, vehicles running on Oil are expected to transition to electricity in the next decade

Assuming that the per capita consumption will grow to 3000KWh by 2030 for a population of 140 Crore people, our electricity requirement will be 4200 Billion KWh.  Our generation capacity today is 1125 Billion KWh per year and achieving the above target requires a growth rate of over 12% per annum. Assuming that at least 80% of the new electricity is going to be generated by Solar and Wind, we will require 1600 Giga Watt of additional wind and solar capacity

This is a staggering number since 1600 GigaWatts require a minimum investment of Rs 48,00,000 Crores based on current prices. We can easily say that solar revolution has just begun


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