What is the meaning of a Good Solar Plant

What is the meaning of a Good Solar Plant

Solar Power Plants are designed for a life of 25 years. Take a minute to think over that number. Most mobile phones are considered good if they last for 3 years, televisions are considered good if they work for 10 years. No consumer good item is expected to work for 25 years and hence the metric for defining a good solar power plant has to be much more robust than day to day electronic items

  1. Solar Modules are expected to degrade by only 20% over 25 years lifetime. There are three main reasons for faster degrade – micro cracks caused by improper handling of the material during manufacturing, poor quality of encapsulant used in the manufacturing that releases acetic acid which degrades the module facter and glass turning yellowish leading to lesser amount of light delivered on the cells
  2. All structures look beautiful until a storm of 100+KMPH hits them. Stay conservative during structure design and pay an extra buck for the structure to ensure that your power plant does not fly away
  3. Inverter is the heart of the power plant and also its most fragile part. Many inverter manufacturers provide an extended warranty of upto 10 years and in some cases even 25 years. Ask your installer to provide only inverters that will have extended warranty for 10 years
  4. Earthing is the most neglected part of the design snce most engineers do not understand the meaning of good earth. A good earth provides tremendous safety as well as protects the inverter from sudden surge on the electrical network. The earthing should be done with a GI pipe of minimum 80mm diameter with GI quoting not less than 80 microns. The larger diameter ensures a low earth resistance for a longer period of time.

In short you should buy modules from reliable suppliers and insist on getting all the warranty certificates, get extended warranty for your inverter, use heavy structures for anchoring the module and make the earth pits using atleast 80mm diameter GI pipe

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