Future of Energy

Future of Energy

Energy is what makes our world move. Humankind requires more than 16,000,000MW-Year of energy every year. Nearly 30% of the energy is generate dusing Coal and 33% using Oil. To put the number in perspective, humankind burns more than 8 Billion tonnes of coal and 5000 Billion Liters of Oil every year producing more than 37000 Billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide in the environment

As the world population grows and more individuals want a higher consumption based life, the world energy requirement will continue to grow leading to a even higher carbon emission.

The attached picture shows that the reserve of Natural gas, Coal and Petroleum left in the world can last us less than 100 years even if we take the consumption at the current levels. If the consumption levels rise, the non-renewable sources will perish in les sthan 50 years

Multiple technologies have been proposed to overcome this challenge with Solar Photovoltaic and Wind emerging as front runners. The picture above shows the average potential of different technologies. More than 23000TW Power available from the sun on earth. Our annual consumption is just a drop in the ocean if we can access the solar electricity in a cost effective manner. This solar electricity suitably combined with hydro, wind, biomass and batteries has the potential to eliminate coal and all its hazardous by products from our lives forever

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